Six highlights about LED light you need to know in 2017

Light Asia Exhibition has been hailed as largest,most influential, most comprehensive and most profitable event of LED industry,and whether well-known industry giants, or rising star in this industry, always show the new products on this exhibition.

The Light Asia Exhibition opened on June 15th 2017, and today I will show you six highlights at this exhibition.

First highlight:the exhibition hall is no longer monotonous, but pay more attention to color show and user experience. 

For this time, more and more exhibitors are no longer purely to display their products, however, they try to show the company style thought this opportunity. It seems to be the Jin Sheng Light exhibition give people an amzing impression at first,the exquisite decoration of the exhibition hall with gorgeous lights, so that viewers seem to enter a light of the ocean; at the same time,  Feile audio, Ma Siweier and other exhibition hall promote experience museum of intelligent home, display company's product by form of personal experience. In addition to the exhibition hall more emphasis on personalized and artistic layout, a variety of exhibitors also try showing their own best product.

Second highlight: positive intelligent lighting 

Now intelligent lighting market is popular. From this exhibition point of view, intelligent lighting has became trend of lighting developement,many exhibitiors exhibited the latest intelligent products and technologies. Whether it is indoor lighting or outside lighting, the intelligent light has been a trend of life bright. In the exhibition, promotion from the intelligent products to the intelligent system, intelligent play a main role in this exhibition.

Third highlight: plant lighting 

When the traditional lighting trapped into a "high input, low return" dilemma, many LED industries decide to change market direction to seek a way out. Plant lighting has a huge space for development, obviously becoming the next star in LED light industry. At this time, there is not much exhibitor to display plant lighting products, but plant lighting like a warm spring in people's heart, receiving lots of attention of public, and bring good news to whole industry.

Fourth highlight: LED lights increasingly intelligent

In LED era, street lights changing is imperative. The current street lights can not simply using for bright, thus the LED intelligent controller lights become a new fashion trend. Many company invent a intelligent lighting system, making the street lights not only has the lighting function, but also another intelligent monitoring and other functions. 

Fifth highlight: LED filament light is popular in manufacturers

Since the LED filament light appear in the market, from doubly questioned to gradually accepted, LED filament light became more and more popular as well as widely recognized by the market, during which it experienced a very tortuous process. LED filament lights have a high-speed development period in 2017,  Mu Linsen as the representative of the enterprises have been enter the field of LED filament, which indicates that there will be a strict competition in the market of the field of LED filament. so we can see many LED filament light display in this exhibition.

Sixth highlight: linear pendant lights have begun to emerge

Linear pendant lights attracted customers with its personalized, simple and beautiful. This exhibition, in the commercial lighting exhibition hall, the photoelectric, Yi Ningliang lighting, three stable photoelectric and other enterprises introduce business license linear lights.

LED lights have been joining in our daily life gradually

Living in the electronic era, your life must be full of electrical products. Today, one of the biggest achievement is LED light, widely using in various occasion like marriage, home lighting, street lighting and dinning room etc. Comparing with old traditional lights, people seems to prefer to use LED lights with warm white lighting. Actually, students also benefit from LED light, in addition to good study efficiency, the LED light also do not harm students’ vision.  

With higher and higher supplying of LED lights, there are a number of companies engaged in manufacturing LED product for buses, trains, streets, home and so on. Most reputed manufacturers offer LED lights by the requirement of buyer at the cost effective rates.

LED lights manufacturers provide  A to Z solutions to settle all question of ordinary customers  as well as large industrial users. These solutions contains replacement of component, repairing or on site services. To realize more detail or information, you can search over the website of all major manufacturers. You can choose a website you like best , selecting a good project from the comparison with charts and advantages of manufacturers over these websites.

Customers should make a proper research about manufacturer before making a final deal, because reputed LED light manufacturers provide a huge discount at price for clear old stock and increasing sales. In addition to this, if you purchase products in a big amount, you can get discount too. LED light manufacturers will deal with some products by a cheaper price such as some brand products, used products, salvaged products and refurbished LED appliances. Apart from that, in order to accomplish requirement of a special company, they decide to carry out equipment enhancement project. If you do not have enough budget, I suggest you to purchase used products or refurbished LED appliances.

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Is it really worth to replace traditional lamps with LED lights ?

Compared with traditional lamps, LED lights save more electricity. Because of the electricity,  tungsten get a fever and then light, but LED lights save a set of procedures making less energy wasted.

Compared with traditional lamps, LED is more environmental protection. There are many harmful components like glass, mercury, heavy metals, phosphor or something like this. whatever like sodium lamps, metal halide lamps, incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, there is no recovery system to settle these problem so that people always are readily discarded.

Compared to traditional lamps, there is a lower technical barrier to LED lights. The traditional lighting is controlled by foreign seriously, such as Philips acquired Shanghai Yaming basically monopolizing the road lighting. Now, LED lights makes our lighting out of control of Philips, of course, there is still a gap to Philips, but this is a good beginning for national lighting economy.
LED is flexible, convenient to combine and install, having a greater potential. The traditional lighting is limited by technology, most of their components are glass, limiting the volume. However, as long as you dare to think, LED lights allow you combine it at ease.

Someone say that they use LED lights with a higher price worse than traditional lamps as well as they think it is a lie about kinds of advantages of LED light. About these saying, I want to say you might choose a bad LED shop with terrible products.  I write an article about how to choose a quality LED light you can read. And then I want to say before you choose a LED product, you can choose good LED supplier first.

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Waterproof LED panel light for swimming pool, kitchen, bathroom

Light up your life with some sparkling colors of bright LED lights ! Loevet LED light has came to your life taking you a brighter tomorrow. The waterproof LED panel light with a special ability and kinds of unique color can be used to decorate your yard, your swimming pool or pond and so on, and the most important thing is this light are available to you in a highly competitive price at Loevet factory.  Whether for decorating your around or having a great outdoor party, you absolutely want your house be attractive and unique, so that this waterproof light is worth in your considering.

With a huge number of LED lights expressing high resistance, waterproof LED light occurs in a right time, which makes you can easily install the light at outdoor as well as do not worry about rainy day. These lights have a high possible resistance for water and vapor, its estimated ip grade is around IP65, so you can install them at any place with lots of water like kitchen and bathroom etc. Great news, colorful bright light like warm light, daylight, natural white and cold light make your house full of kinds of color. Of course, there is other special unique skill of LED light in installation, but just several steps. (I have written these step in my other article, so I will do not say a lot for this. If you are interest in it, please feel free to contact us by the following way end of article, I will happy to help you settle your problem)

Shenzhen Loevet  Co. , Ltd has our own team to research, develop and design LED waterproof LED panel lights and other LED lights for 10 years.  We are leading manufacturer in this industry in China, all of our clients said we have a excellent and personalized service. And if you have interests in our products, please feel free to contact us by email: info@lvt-lighting.com at any time.

LED panel lights with side lit LED technology

With the development of LED technology, LED panel lights derived from the basic back lit LED technology to side lit LED technology,  the basic principle is converting LED light line source into surface light source, so we call it as side lit LED panel light, which with a bright body, beautiful structure, no flashing, even and soft light. When the LED panel lights came out in the market, succeed in huge selling quantity. The LED panel light with LED source is an advanced and beautiful indoor lighting lamp, their outer frame is made of aluminum alloy anodized, thus the whole lighting lamp is designed as a excellent and luxurious light with great lighting effect, taking a good vision effect for people. LED panel light with an unique design, its light via the light guide plate with high light transmittance informing an uniform flat luminous effect, so that the LED panel lights with good illumination lux, soft light and high brightness, are suitable for peoples eyes. At the same time, the LED panel lights can prevent radiation, are friendly for pregnant women, old people and children's skin.

Whats advantage  side lit LED panel light?
1. Flexible design
LED is a kind of luminous body like dot shape, the designer can design the LED source as kinds of shape to meet clients requirements. About the design of LED panel lights, there will be a flexible possibility.
2. High illumination
LED panel light with sealed design is made of reflective plate with uniform light, high-efficiency light guide plate and aluminum alloy frame, so it is obvious the LED panel lights have a uniform light and high illumination.
3. Good heat dissipation
LED panel lights with a light appearance, complete cooling function, low power and long lifespan, can save more energy than traditional lamps, are best choice for home lighting.
4. Long service life
If the LED panel light is normally used in lighting room, its lifespan is up to 100,000 hours. Lets see about the LED panel light lifespan, if you turn on the LED panel light for 8 hours each day, this LED panel light can work for more than 27 years. Maybe we do not replace lamp any more if we install the LED panel lights to replace conventional lamps.
5. Dimmable
According to different occasion or environment, the LED panel light is dimmable to meet your requirement. And the LED panel lights without radiation and flashing, can protect your eyes in a soft light.
6. Anti-vibration
    LED light source without tungsten and glass and it is a high hardness resin luminous body with function of high anti-vibration, suitable for kinds of temperature.
7.Controllable color temperature
  You can use a controller to control the color temperature and brightness of the LED panel lights as you need.
8. Low electricity consumption
Considering about environmental protection, the lighting technology of LED panel lights is almost no pollution. The LED products is no mercury and waste, most of their materials can be recyclable, such as semiconductor lighting with recyclable characteristics. There is no doubt the LED panel light play a important role in social sustainable development.

We sincerely welcome for cooperation from domestic and overseas, we are going to provide the perfect service for you!  if you have any question about side lit LED panel light or you are interested in our product, please feel free to contact us by email: info@lvt-lighting.com at any time.

Hot sale two wings pendant led light for office and supermarket

Recently, leading Led light manufacturer Shenzhen Loevet Co.,Ltd have been promoting its unique design two wings linear led light , this two wings suspended led light comes with an aluminum bar in the middle, two led lighting bar installed besides the aluminum bar , each led lighting bar using branded SMD2835 or SMD5630 led chip as lighting source, and sealed with foggy plastic cover, thus the lighting will not do harm to human eyes. Both of the led lighting bar can be rotated up to 120 degree, so the whole beam angle of this two wing led lighting bar can be 210 degree maximum.

With unique design, uniform lighting, wide beam angle , optional smart WiFi control, this two wings pendant led light bar will surely be popular soon. Loevet will bring this new product to global source electronics fair hold in Hongkong Asia world expo on Oct 2017, if you have interested to visit the booth and have a face to face talk with sales from Shenzhen Loevet Co.,ltd, please contact info@lvt-lighting.com to get more information, we will arrange everything for you.

The charm of Loevet LED flat panel lights

As a new rapidly overspread lighting technology,  LED show its excellent office lighting ability.

LED light is a common and reliable indoor lighting product, not only can meet kinds of requirements of business area lighting, but also take full account of this long-term lighting needs to ensure consumers regular and comfortable experience. It is also because of this huge advantages, LED light rapidly take up the most lighting market to replace the traditional lamp showing its great ability.

LED panel lights will soon become the mainstream in the future of indoor lighting, there is a analysis pointed out that  indoor LED light products will take up market to 50%  in 2020s, spread more and more area , increase the total replacement efficiency to traditional light. 
With the upgrading technology, shorter and shorter necessary labor time, LED indoor lighting products prices gradually decline, and the market demand and sales are gradually increasing. As a cost-effective indoor lighting, LED panel lights become more and more popular in recent years, almost becoming the ideal office lighting "standard", getting much praise and love from consumers.

Technological innovation and economic development, unknowingly changed people's lives. LED panel lights using a unique SMD LED chip as a light source, plus light guide plate and / or diffusion plate, so that LED flat panel light ultra-thin design can not only provide lighting, but also add a simple beauty.
Take Loevet LED light as an example, compared to the ordinary panel lights, Loevet LED panel light will be careful at the usage of material, using the import 3mm light guide plate with uniform guide light and higher light transmission than ordinary light guide plate; the outside frame is made by high-quality anodic oxidation process, strong and beautiful, no fade embarrassment; lamp body is formed by extrusion of an aluminum, with a good lighting efficiency, having a light, simple and elegant sharp and adding a kind of interior decoration with special beauty.

High performance
Some panel lights on the market may use ordinary SMD LED chip as a light source, in terms of the illumination, light color, life, etc., this light maybe fake out people at a short time, but its defects will be exposed in long time. However, Loevet LED panel light use imported efficient LED chip, high color rendering index up to 80% and energy-saving over 80%.  In addition, Loevet LED panel light built in a waterproof power supply, with a long lifespan, high efficiency and power.

Uniform lighting
Loevet LED panel lights is made of a unique PMMA diffusion plate to form a uniform flat luminous effect, soft, uneven and suitable light will ease your tired eyes .

Environmental protection and energy-saving
Loevet LED panel light is environmental protection, made of material of low power, energy-saving and friendly environment . Transmit high efficiency uniform light, LED light will totally replace tradition lamp at soon time ago.

Generally speaking, such a qualified ultra-thin light, dont you want to have one? LED panel lights with kinds of beautiful design, is not only suitable for office lighting, but also you can use it to decorate your own home.

Shenzhen Loevet  Co. , Ltd company specialize in producing LED panel lights with high quality, excellent material, beautiful design, friendly selling service .And if you are planning to purchase our product, please feel free to contact us by email: info@lvt-lighting.com at any time.